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A flock of chickens are trapped in a dungeon trying to escape from a hungry fox!

Navigating through various rooms, the chickens must hide themselves well or set traps to buy themselves time to escape. Triggering a sequence of levers is their only way out of the dungeon. As the fox, your challenge will be to catch the chickens before they manage to escape. Using your hunter abilities, track down the feathery feasts before dinner flies the coop. 

The game ends when either the fox catches all of the chickens or when the timer hits zero. If at least one chicken has made it out safely without the fox catching them, the chickens win!

Genre: Multiplayer Party Game (Max 5 players)
Age Rating: 7+



Q / E / Left Mouse Click - Interact Buttons
WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Jump / Swipe (Fox)
Shift - Sprint
Mouse movement to rotate camera

Tips n Traps


Main menu music: “Pitter patter” - Freesfx


“Pixel Peeps” (The Pixel Mill 2020-2021 Bootcamp Dev Team)


Mia McMorrow
Michael Sloan
Nadine Rose McLaughlin
Patrick Sloan
Rachel Gandey-Johnson


Bekah Logan
Daniel Gould
Mat Wylie
Niall McCoy
Ricky Taylor

Special Thanks:

Rory Clifford
Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas
Alistair Mountain
Mal Duffin

This game has been created as a 5-week game development project funded by Northern Ireland Screen.

Note: macOS Catalina not currently supported


Headless Chickens (Windows) 228 MB
Headless Chickens (Mac) 236 MB


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